Kirsten Mosher is a visual artist engaged in video, writing, studio work and art in public places. She is currently beginning work on her project Soul Mate 180° for which she has received the 2016 LACMA Art & Technology Award.

Mosher’s work often documents the relationships between and beyond seemingly opposing spaces: inside/outside, private/public, natural/artificial. Her work takes place in hybrid spaces: a highway crashes into a kitchen; a road hits the interior of a gallery; and in her performance "Carmen," she crosses streets and parks as an amalgamation of human and car. She has created large-scale exhibitions that incorporate public and private space with the Public Art Fund, Lower Manhatten Cultural Council and Socrates Park in New York City.  Her long term project  the “Gumhead” series, comprises books, animation, sculpture, posters and installations and public engagement projects can be accessed at the Mobile Station in Beacon, NY.

Mosher has been showing her work nationally and internationally since the late 1980s, at venues such as the Venice Biennale Aperto, 1993; Villa Arson, Nice, France in 1994; the Museum of Modern Art, 1997; and with the Public Art Fund, NYC in 1998; and the Villa Merkel, Bahnwarterhaus in 1999. Most recently LACMA commissioned work for the exhibition “A is for Zebra,” 2011, and the MUSAC in Leon, Spain commissioned work and published her series of Gumhead books in 2011. 

Mosher has lectured, conducted professional development workshops, and created publications, and worked as an art educator at institutions such as Dia Art Foundation, LA County Museum, C.C.S. Bard College, Boston Center for the Arts, and Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts de Lyon, France.